10 Features Your New Kitchen Should Have

When designing a kitchen, we know you want to have a look that’ll last, today we want to touch on 10 timeless trending key features you need in your kitchen!

Cabinets With A Pop of Color

Even though you can never go wrong with a classic white cabinet look, we have been seeing an increase of pops of color in the kitchen, especially blue and green cabinetry. Another look that has been making its way into the kitchen are warm neutral colors to enhance the kitchen, giving it a homey yet luxurious feel.

Kitchen designed by Sherwood Kypreos for our Los Angeles Project

Decorative Range Hood

We’re starting to notice homeowners wanting a statement range hood instead of the usual stainless steel. Check out this roman clay range hood that is the perfect statement piece for your kitchen! Roman clay is smooth to the touch and has a velvet like effect which is perfect for both a traditional or contemporary kitchen. This allows the hood to blend in naturally with the kitchen walls and gives the kitchen a smooth and natural finish!

Kitchen from our West Hollywood Project

Large Slab Backsplash

A backsplash is the perfect detail to spice up the look of your kitchen. We’ve been noticing people moving to bigger slabs of tiles with all types of textures and patterns. The fun thing about a backsplash is being able to get creative with the kind of pattern you like, materials to use, textures you can play with, it’s also a great way to add some color into your kitchen!

Kitchen from our West Hollywood Project

Brass Accents

Brass accents have been making their way back into cabinet hardware, drawer pulls, faucets, and light fixtures. Brass is a timeless accent piece that can make any type of kitchen stylish and classy! Whether you have a dark moody kitchen or white neutral kitchen, brass accents are perfect and can blend nicely with most kitchen designs.

Kitchen designed by DISC Interiors for our West Hollywood Project

Curves, curves, curves!

Lately we’ve started to notice how curves have been dominating in the kitchen space, from curved islands to arch doorways, curves have been giving kitchens a sleeker and more modern feel. This new shape has been slowly making its way back into the design world and homeowners are loving it!

Kitchen designed by Cinquième Gauche | Interiors for our Hollywood Project

Natural Finishes

Homeowners have been loving the natural finishes in their kitchen, it adds detail and definition all while making the kitchen feel cozy and homely. Natural finishes, such as oak cabinets, gives your kitchen the perfect balance of modern meets conventional!

Kitchen designed by Studio Hus for our Venice Canals Project

Statement Ceiling

While renovating our kitchens many of us tend to forget we have a whole ceiling space we can make use out of to give our kitchen a dramatic yet unique flair! We’ve noticed many homeowners adding wood beams or paneling to create a more polished look!

Kitchen designed by DISC Interiors for our West Hollywood Project

Open Shelving

Many people are starting to ditch the old kitchen cabinets and going for a more open look, open shelves allow you to showcase your kitchenware and also use more countertop space. This key feature gives the kitchen a more open and modern look!

Kitchen designed by Sherwood Kypreos for our Silver Lake Project

Concealed Storage

Another trend that’s been making its way back into the kitchen is concealed storage space! This feature has been evolving over the past few years with new and improved way to conceal storages. This is a perfect key feature for save some space and have a clean finished look in your kitchen.

Kitchen designed by Byrd Design for our Malibu Project

Built-In Appliances

This trending key feature is definitely starting to make its way back into the kitchen, built-in appliances were considered to be a bit old fashion but now homeowners are realizing how much space they can have with this key feature! Not only does this allow for more room it also gives more leeway for your aesthetic to come alive without these noisy appliances getting in your way.

Kitchen from our Irvine Project
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