Jesse Pacheco Assistant Project Manager

As a assistant project manager for Luxe, Jesse is responsible for making sure the job sites are maintained, clean, and safe place for our staff and clients. He holds our sub-contractors accountable by making sure they work collectively. Additionally, he assists the Project Managers on their day-to-day needs, such as inspections, deliveries, subcontractor meetings, job walks, and more to ensure proper workflow and completion of projects. Jesse made the transition early in his career from General Laborer to Assistant Project Manager because he wanted to learn more and grow by supervising each aspect of the job. He is most proud of working on multi-million dollar high-end projects commercial projects. “I believe in always dedicating 100% of effort when doing anything professionally and personally. I also value the importance of a positive work environment for everyone and establishing positive relationships.” Pacheco is a native Angelino that loves to reconnect and travel back to his hometown in Mexico. He also enjoys playing softball, working on his house, and training his pet dogs.

Jesse Pacheco

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