Sustainable Features For Your Home

Over the past few years people have been more conscious of their impact on the environment, we understand home owners are changing the way they live their daily lives in order to be more efficient and sustainable. This change has also made its way into how we design and engineer homes today, below are a few ways you can have a comfortably beautiful home that reduces energy expenditure.

Natural Lighting 

Having tons of natural lighting come in, allows you to leave the lights off longer, which can help bring down your electric bill. You can also use solar tubes or skylights to bring natural light to windowless rooms or in small spaces. Not only will you reduce the use of energy, natural lighting has also shown to increase concentration and focus. Another way to be sustainable is by replacing the traditional light bulbs with energy efficient LED bulbs. LED bulbs are not only energy efficient, they also last longer than traditional light bulbs.

Solar Panels

Solar panels are a great sustainable feature to have in your home, it can help reduce your bills dramatically by generating energy from the sun. A tip we can give you if you’re shopping for solar panels is to opt for mono-crystalline panels to get the highest efficiency. Solar panels don’t require much maintenance—you can use soap and water, or rainfall to keep them clean.

Home Insulation

When it comes to saving energy and money your best bet would be to go with eco friendly insulation! One of the most eco-friendly types of insulation is spray foam, this type of insulation is usually made from soy which is organic. An advantage spray foam insulation has over traditional insulation is that it can seal up even the smallest cracks! This will prevent energy loss, small pests from entering your home, offer better moisture control, and give your home an air-tight barrier! Another option for eco-friendly insulation would be loose-fill cellulose which does a better job in holding warm and cold air than traditional insulation, this type of insulation is made from recycled newspaper that would’ve ended up in landfill! Lastly cotton insulation (denim insulation), is the most eco-friendly insulation a home owner can use! This type of insulation is made out of recycled fabric scraps and is a popular choice for people who want to go green!

Natural Finishes

Often times homeowners tend to overlook the landscaping in their yard. A great way to keep your home updated is by landscaping! Adding a few bushes, roses, trees, shrubs, and grass can really bring your home together. We understand that not all of us may have a green thumb so take a visit to your local greenhouse to get more guidance! You can also go the extra mile to hire a landscaping architect who can design a landscaping plan for you.

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