Designing and Building A Powder Room

Luxe Remodel Powder Room

Creating a powder room is the perfect opportunity to experiment on different materials, textures and colors. No matter how small, it’s a space that can be used to create a design statement. Most designers compare it to a jewelry box—something small but impactful. Given its size and scaled-down proportions, can use high-end materials that might be too expensive to install in larger spaces. Scroll down for more tips and inspiration.

Start with A Concept

While the goal is to give off a wow-factor and impress guests with eye-catching design elements, it’s important to have an overall vision to start to avoid clashing styles. Start off with an inspiration and a mood board to flush out an overarching theme.

Powder room designed by Studio Hus for one of our Venice Canals Project

Walls With Personality

Bring life to your powder room with a bold wallpaper pattern or unique tile backsplash pattern. Distinctive ceramic tile, or even an unexpected grout color, can have a similarly theatrical effect. You can also embrace your dark side with a moody paint color for the ultimate jewel-box effect.

Powder room from our Brentwood Project

The Perfect Glow

It’s important to have flattering light in the powder room as this is where your guests will check their hair and makeup. We advise against using bright fluorescent or bluish-white LED lights. Sconces or pendant lights will provide light where it’s needed. Beyond functionality, think of light fixtures as an opportunity to add sculptural appeal to your bathroom.

Luxe Remodel Powder Room
Powder room from our Mid-City Project

Striking Vanity

The sink is the centerpiece of the powder room, and there are countless styles to choose from. For extremely space-constrained situations, or in rooms where you don’t want the sink to be the center of attention, a simple porcelain wall-mounted or pedestal sink may work best. For slightly larger rooms, many manufacturers offer complete vanity units, with a base, top and sink.

Luxe Remodel Powder Room
Powder room from our West Hollywood Project

Don’t Forget The Floors

If you have a quieter wall finish in mind — paneling, paint, subway tile — consider making a statement with the floor.

Luxe Remodel Powder Room
Powder room designed by Disc Interiors for our West Hollywood Project
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