What Should My Home Renovation Budget Be in LA and Orange County?

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When your Los Angeles or Orange County area home is in need of an update, one of your first questions will likely be about cost. Of course, your budget will depend on which room, or rooms, you plan to remodel; but how much should you budget for different types of home renovations? We’ll discuss the average costs of home renovations in Los Angeles and Orange County, what factors can affect the cost of a home renovation in Los Angeles and Orange County, and budget items that many homeowners often forget to include. 

What Is the Average Cost of A Home Renovation in Los Angeles and Orange County?

The costs and percentages here are averages from other Los Angeles and Orange County area remodels. Your unique home remodel will depend on your home’s size, the grade of finishes you choose, structural updates, and a few other factors. Average remodeling costs are a great place to start, but for a clearer idea of what your home remodel will cost, contact an experienced and knowledgeable design-build firm. 

How Much Does a Kitchen Remodel Cost in Los Angeles and Orange County?

It’s recommended to budget from 7-20% of your home's current value for the cost of a kitchen remodel in Los Angeles or Orange County. According to the Cost vs Value Report, an average kitchen remodel in Los Angeles or Orange County could cost around $165,000. How much your kitchen remodel will cost will depend on how much you’d like to transform your space, the size of your kitchen, and the grade of finishes you choose. 

Prioritize what matters to you most to create a design that brings you joy. Add a second island to make entertaining easier, expand your square footage to include a butler’s pantry and a mudroom, choose upscale finishes that feel fresh and improve your everyday enjoyment in your kitchen. Removing walls, updating all of your finishes, choosing commercial-grade energy-efficient appliances, and creating the space you need will require closer to 15-20% of your Los Angeles or Orange County home’s current value. 

A more modest kitchen remodel could come to around 10% of your home’s current value. This would include updating your backsplash, retaining the layout, choosing midrange appliances, changing the cabinet fronts with an updated style and color, and updating your countertops and flooring. If you’re planning to sell your home within the next few years, the more modest kitchen remodel is advised. However, if you plan to stay in your home, choose finishes and a layout that works for you and your family. 

How Much Does a Bathroom Remodel Cost in Los Angeles and Orange County?

During your bathroom remodel design phase, you’ll have the opportunity to explore changes that will perfectly suit your unique design and function needs. Embrace a meticulously curated color palette, distinctive tile patterns, and exquisite plumbing fixtures to craft a personalized sanctuary that reflects your style and tastes. All new upscale finishes and features, custom storage, designer plumbing and lighting fixtures, and a better layout will come to an investment of around 5-7% of your home’s current value. 

On average, a full bathroom remodel in Los Angeles or Orange County could cost around $85,000. Your cost will be determined by the size, the grade of finishes, luxury features, and structural changes. 

How Much to Budget for a Whole Home Remodel in Los Angeles and Orange County?

Because home values, sizes, and ages range so widely, so will the average cost of a whole home remodel. A luxury Los Angeles or Orange County whole home remodel could range from around $600,000-$3,000,000, depending on all of the factors we’ve mentioned. This could include a full layout reimagination, removing and replacing every finish, creating needed additions, and building an outdoor oasis. Your design goals, paired with the current state of your home, will determine your budget. 

What Else Should You Include in Your Los Angeles or Orange County Home Remodeling Budget?


With a newly refreshed space, you’ll likely want to complete your home remodel with updated furniture, window treatments, and decor. Set aside part of your budget for interior design services and new furnishings to avoid overextending your remodeling budget. 


Not every remodel will affect your landscaping, but if it does, you’ll want to be prepared to replace or refresh your landscaping once your remodel is complete. Ask your builder if the remodel will affect your home’s landscaping and for landscape architect recommendations so you can have a plan in place. 

Temporary Housing

If your home remodel is significant enough to disrupt your daily life, consider making temporary housing arrangements. Include the costs in your budget so the expense won’t catch you by surprise. 

Get a Quote from an Experienced Luxury Home Remodeler

Your Los Angeles or Orange County home deserves the best. You deserve an honest and reputable full-service home remodeler with the talent and skills to create a stunning and high-quality home remodel. Luxe Remodel Design + Build is a Los Angeles and Orange County area home design-build firm with years of experience delivering impeccable remodels and customer experiences. When you’re ready to receive an accurate estimate for your home remodeling goals in Los Angeles, Orange County, or the surrounding areas, contact Luxe Remodel + Design Build to schedule a consultation.

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