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Revamp your bathroom with Luxe Remodel and make it a space of comfort and beauty, and even increase the market value. Whether you’re dreaming of modernizing an outdated look or creating a spa-like atmosphere from the ground up – we are here to help! Our experienced team takes pride in turning our customers’ visions into reality, delivering top-tier services every step of the way. For anyone looking to bring new life into their old bathroom, don’t wait any longer – choose Luxe Remodel for unparalleled transformation!

Bathroom Remodeling Company Sherman Oaks

Luxe Remodel is the one-stop shop for all your bathroom remodeling needs. We can help you select the perfect design and source materials to match, ensuring that your project meets its deadline easily. Over time we’ve served many clients in Sherman Oaks and beyond, so why not make us your go-to? All it takes is a simple consultation to get started!

Bathroom Remodeling Contractor, Sherman Oaks

Investing in a bathroom remodel is intelligent, as it has plenty of advantages. To acquire the best possible outcome for your project, you need to get the right contractor on board – that’s where Luxe Remodel comes in. We are dedicated Sherman Oaks contractors eager to bring your dream designs to fruition and provide you with top-notch results! With us by your side, there’s no limit to what can be created from the simplest ideas.

We also understand that a bathroom is meant for more than daily preparation. It can also be your sanctuary, where you find solace and relaxation. No matter how big or small of an adjustment or remodel you desire, let us help transform your restroom into one that meets all your needs!


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Bathroom Remodeling Services Sherman Oaks

When you hire us for your bathroom remodel project, there’s no need to worry about additional contractors – we handle the entire job from beginning to end! Our team of skilled and knowledgeable professionals is equipped with all the necessary tools and expertise to complete even the most demanding jobs. Based in Sherman Oaks, some of our specializations include:


Are you looking to bring a vibrant change and life into your restroom? If its current paint is aged or dull, we could give it a color makeover that will transform the look of this space! We are imaginative in our approach, so don’t hesitate to pick whatever colors speak most strongly to you—we’ll take it from there.

Lighting Upgrade

Let us assist you in transforming your bathroom with an adjustment of the lighting. We can install the vanity, ambient, and accent lights to create a space that is not only illuminated but aesthetically pleasing. With our help, we can ensure your bathroom looks stunning while providing optimal visibility.

Flooring Remodels Sherman Oaks

We specialize in floor renovations that provide you with many bathroom flooring options. Additionally, our materials are specially crafted to withstand the dampness frequently encountered in bathrooms.

Full Bathroom Remodel

With our full remodel services, your bathroom will be given a stunning transformation. We’ll replace the floors, ceiling and everything else in between to give it a brand-new look. And that’s not all – we can also update fixtures such as toilets and cabinetry or add items like bathtubs just for you! You let us know what changes need to be made and leave the rest up to us; no matter how big or small of an alteration you’re looking for, we guarantee complete satisfaction with every step taken during the renovation process.

Our Bathroom Remodel Process

For any remodeling project to be successful, a comprehensive plan must be in place. To ensure the best outcomes for our clients, we adhere to this step-by-step procedure:


During the initial consultation, our skilled remodel experts comprehensively review your home and discuss vital components of the project, such as budgeting and estimated timeline. We aim to ensure that you are comfortable with all aspects before beginning this journey together.


During the design phase, we will guide you through selecting materials, layouts, fixtures and fittings that fit your taste. We want to ensure that whatever design style you choose reflects your needs and preferences. And if there is any doubt about what choices to make along the way- don’t worry! Our team can recommend options most suitable for you so that everything comes together perfectly.


To ensure the success of your project, we will secure all required permits and approvals to guarantee that you can adhere to local regulations. Moreover, following these guidelines ensures safety and peace of mind when completing this venture.


The remodeling stage is when the magic happens – we take your dreams and make them a reality! Our professionals pay close attention to every detail, ensuring that each aspect looks exactly as planned in the design phase. With our experts on board, you can feel confident knowing your vision will come to fruition.


After transforming your space to meet your standard of excellence, we evaluate the project for its overall outcome. We also assess every detail, including faucets and showers, to guarantee their functioning state is up to code before leaving our workspace. When everything meets or exceeds expectations, you can rest assured that we have left only satisfaction behind!

Our Commitment to Our Customers in Sherman Oaks

At Luxe Remodel, we go above and beyond to design a bathroom that is both practical and for your needs as well as cozy. We take the time to listen to you so that your ideas are brought to fruition precisely. Your satisfaction is our top priority; let us help create an atmosphere where you can relax and feel at peace.

Additionally, we comprehend that the bathroom is unlike any other area in a home. A powerful amount of water passes through, and thorough measures must be taken to protect against possible damages. Thus, we only use superior building materials that will persist for years so you can obtain value from your investment.

Not only that, but we understand the importance of aesthetics concerning bathrooms. We’ll make yours look as stunning and eye-catching as possible while ensuring you have absolute control over the design. Choose your favourite colors or go for a theme that reflects your style – whatever it might be, our goal is to give you an idyllic bathroom space tailored to your personality.

Our talented Sherman Oak bathroom remodeling team knows that an extensive construction project can be quite a hassle. Thus, we make it our priority to finish the job promptly and without any hindrances. With us, you’ll never have to worry about delays.

Hire Luxe Remodel for Your Remodel in Sherman Oaks

Transform your bathroom with the help of our experienced and reliable team. We specialize in full-scale transformations but are more than comfortable providing smaller services as needed. Whether you need a complete overhaul or minor changes, call us today to learn how our professional services can elevate your space!


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