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After the construction of the bathroom, you may require a series of improvements to make it eye-catching and boost its performance. Moreover, it may require some repairs. However, after making this decision, most people delay seeking the contractor they can trust for these services. We take pride in being among the most preferred contractors in the region. It employs the latest technology to customize your bathroom according to your specifications, boosting your satisfaction.

Bathroom Remodeling Company Beverly Hills

Luxe Remodel is known for offering services for different remodel needs. Before providing the service, the staff listens to the client’s preferences. Furthermore, explain the available options based on their specification, helping them choose the best option. We are also skillful making most people in Beverly Hills prefer them. You can contact the company to be part of its success story.

Bathroom Remodeling Contractor, Beverly Hills

Every individual should be cautious when choosing a contractor for bathroom remodeling since a small error would be costly since it may call for the process to be repeated all over again. Luxe Remodel has been termed as the best contractor in Beverly Hills. Our staff is dedicated to exceeding your expectations by offering outstanding services that will leave you smiling.

We do not generalize the process since we know that every client could have specific needs. We take minor detail which helps to remodel the bathroom to meet all the intended features. Furthermore, there are some instances we make suggestions to the clients on important features we should add to boost their satisfaction.


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Bathroom Services Beverly Hills

When you decide to remodel the bathroom, various issues must be addressed. When looking for a contractor to perform this task, you should choose the one who will perform all the functions since it will save you time and cost. Our company conducts all the bathroom services. The following are the services that you can receive:


If your tubs have bad caulking, they could allow water under the floors and behind the walls to damage the wallboard, wood, and downstairs or basement ceilings. Our staff will restore the tub’s look by using the right caulking, stopping water damage, and preventing mold.

Dry Walls Repairs & Finishing

Sometimes the bathroom wall may be damaged by moisture or leaking water. We will inspect the wall and help you identify the leak’s source. We will then fix it so it will be seamless with the décor.

Light Fixture Installation

The bathroom lighting affects the individual’s perception of the bathroom. Most people are changing old lighting with the latest ones. Whether you want to light your entire bedroom or the shower, our staff has vast experience to give your bathroom the perfect light balance. We can also add ambient, vanity, or accent light based on your preference.

Shower Door Installation or Repair

Some people may require a door to be fixed in a new shower. Others could need it to be fixed because its hinges are off. We will always arrive on time and offer outstanding service that will boost your satisfaction. Furthermore, since we provide quality service, you will stay for a long before requiring another repair.

Bathroom Fan Installation or Repair

The bathroom fans are important since they protect the mildew and mold issues. There are instances where we will remove the old fans and install new ones. Moreover, we inspect your venting mold path and replace it with new tubing. We can also advise you on the right fan.

Why Choose Our Remodeling Contractors Beverly Hills

At Luxe Remodel, we are proud to be the leading remodeling company in the region. The following are the outstanding characteristics that have separated us from the rest.

On-Time Delivery

Our company acknowledges that delays can be expensive. Our company ensures it delivers its promise on its start and completion date.


We value communication with the client since any miscommunication can lead to a huge loss. Our staff is open to discussing with the client before starting the process. Moreover, we are ready to offer or seek any clarification during the process.

Quality of Work

Our company has been known to offer quality service that has surprised most clients. We have uploaded our previous projects on our website for our potential clients to check.


One of our outstanding features is that we have built an exceptional reputation over the years. Most clients for who we offered our services are satisfied. There have been instances where these clients return with other projects or provide referrals to their friends, relatives, or workmates.


Even though we have the highest success rate, we also prepare for the worst. We have liability and damage insurance for site accidents and other unforeseen events that could happen.

Saving You from the Stress of Your Beverly Hills Bathroom

Since most people value their bathrooms, we are cautious as we look for the best contractor whenever it needs repair or improvement. Luxe Remodel is here to save you this hustle if you are at this point.

We acknowledge that the bathroom is one of the places that people enjoy being in. We listen to people’s preferences and apply them to the simplest details to boost the individual’s satisfaction. We always ensure that the bathroom will reflect the individual’s preferences and have some creativity. We also suggest some improvements that individuals can employ to improve their experience.

We understand that any delay can cause be expensive and cause many inconveniences. We discuss with the client when we will start and finish the process. We always ensure that we promise the time that we can attain our goal. Since we operate on the agreed schedule, we eliminate any inconveniences.

Contact Luxe Remodel for Your Bathroom Remodel in Beverly Hills

If you are planning to have a bathroom renovation and looking for a contractor that will offer you quality services, Luxe Remodel is the right choice for you. The staff will listen to your preferences and offer suggestions before providing outstanding services. Also, we answer any questions that you may have. Moreover, we will discuss your budget and provide exceptional services within your budget. Visit or contact us online for more information.



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