ADU Construction Torrance

ADU Construction Torrance

There are so many uses of an Accessory/Additional dwelling unit. Some of which include; serving as a detached or attached living space for a loved one. Serving as a rental unit or even a separate work or play space. Furthermore, you may even have personal reasons to opt for ADU construction in Torrance. Whatever they are you can count on Luxe Remodel. As a licensed and insured general contractor that specializes in ADU construction; We have decades of experience building high-quality ADU’s in Torrance and greater southern California. Plus, a track record of exceeding client’s expectations in the best possible way.

ADU construction in Torrance is simply the best way to catering to your need for an additional dwelling unit on your property. When done properly it will add value to your home, and can even serve as a rented unit for you. The only thing you should avoid when embarking on an ADU construction in Torrance is a 2nd rate contractor, one who is bound to do more harm than good. That is why as top contractors in Torrance, Luxe Remodel is offering detailed, high-value, and quality ADU Construction to all homeowners in Torrance.

Do I need ADU construction in Torrance?

Building an ADU on your property should be on your to-do list if you are currently finding it difficult to accommodate an additional member of your family or even a distant relative. Similarly, if you are looking to take advantage of a personalized home, detached or attached. Additionally, you should also consider ADU construction in Torrance if you want to also earn additional income from a rental unit. Whatever your reasons are, they would be worth your investment. Do not hesitate to contact Luxe remodel if you need cost-effective ADU construction and you need it now.

ADU Construction Torrance

What is the cost of ADU Construction in Torrance?

On a general scale of residential construction, ADUs are relatively affordable. Although the total cost mostly depends on the scale and scope of the project. It can be a sizable sum if you are going for a luxurious detached dwelling unit and can be as low a five-figure sum if you scale the project down. Thus, If you want to get a detailed estimate of what your ADU construction will cost you, feel free to call us at (310) 694-0515 to get ahead on that.

Top ADU Construction Contractors in Torrance

You can get the best ADU service in Torrance and you can get it today with Luxe Remodel. Our goal is to build masterpieces with beautiful accents and cutting-edge functionality. In essence, your ADU will stand out as a cost-effective and energy-efficient masterpiece that is rich in detail built with longevity in mind.

Our ADU process begins with an in-depth consultation about the client’s needs and wants. We take our time to understand what you truly want and then use every resource available to make it happen. You will work with leading architects, designers, master craftsmen, engineers, and contractors who will handle every aspect of your project. Thus, from processing permits, inspections, and ensuring your ADU is up to code; to new plumbing and wiring work, our team at Luxe Remodel will handle all of it. This is why homeowners come to us for their ADU construction. Get in touch with us right away to schedule a consultation today!

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