ADU Construction Pasadena

ADU Construction Pasadena

Are you looking for a top contractor to handle your ADU construction in Pasadena? Look no further. Luxe Remodel is a licensed, insured, and bonded residential contractor that specializes in creative ADU construction in Pasadena. We offer detailed, quality, and durable construction that will perfectly balance functionality with aesthetics. Our expert craftsmanship will make your ADU worth any cost of investment with a surplus return on value. So why wait? Why settle for less? Get in touch with Luxe Remodel to learn more about constructing an ADU on your property.

An ADU construction done properly will not only add value to your property, but it will also serve as a second income source for you through rent. ADU’s are quickly becoming the norm in Pasadena due to the benefits and the return on investment. It is most likely worth considering when you want to house an additional member of your family on your property without moving out or selling your home. All you need is a contractor that you can trust with the right experience and expertise to help you construct the perfect ADU in Pasadena. A team that will create a living space that exudes quality, rich in detail, and built to last. This is the mark we leave at Luxe Remodel.

Do You need ADU construction in Pasadena?

This is a question we get asked a lot in Pasadena. You certainly need ADU construction when you want to provide an additional living space for an extended member of your family. Or lease as a rented apartment. Or if you want more room on your property. Whatever your reasons are, you can get the best ADU construction with Luxe Remodel. Whether you want your ADU fully detached or attached, a prefab, we can assure you of excellent results. Take a look at our ADU gallery to see some of the ADU’s we have constructed over the years. We have consistently served homeowners in Pasadena delivering exceptional results and we look forward to working with you.

ADU Construction Pasadena

Top ADU Construction Contractors in Pasadena

At Luxe Remodel, our goal is to build masterpieces with beautiful accents and cutting-edge functionality. Your ADU will stand out as a cost-effective and energy-efficient masterpiece that is rich in detail and guaranteed to age timelessly with your home. Our ADU process begins with an in-depth consultation about the client’s needs and wants to ensure we capture everything.

Moreover, the team will work closely with you to understand what you are looking for in an ADU. Thus, making for a detailed construction process, one that is expressive, and transparent enough to ensure no errors or mistakes are made. Our expert designers and architects will start by designing the ADU before we start constructing. We will work our way up from the foundation to the roofing efficiently and cost-effectively. And also take care of all the required permits, and state law requirements concerning the nature of the ADU construction in Pasadena. Our team effectively manages all the documentation and additional services required to create the ideal stand-alone home.

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