2021 Remodeling Trends

2020, a year of baking banana bread, online yoga, and Zoom meetings. A year without travel and going out has shifted our attention to where we spend the most of our time nowadays: our homes. We’ve gathered a list of remodeling trends that emerged from quarantine that we expect to see more in 2021.

Separating Spaces

With a lot of us working or studying from home, the “great room” concept may not be as exciting as it used to be. Zoning or the “broken-plan” concept is something we expect to see more in the next few years. It still has the spacious feel of an open plan while making use of entryways, screens, furniture, cabinetry or glass doors to create distinct zones.

Accessory Dwelling Unit

Additional space is definitely something we’re getting more requests for. With kids spending more time at home, parents are looking for a separate room where their kids can study and play. We also have clients who are looking to convert their garages or build an ADU that they can use as home offices, and home gyms.

More Storage

Spending more time at home can lead to accumulating clutter. Constructing more cabinets and shelves for storage is definitely a client’s request that is on the rise. We’re also seeing more requests for utility rooms to store everyday essentials away from the main kitchen.

Exposed Beams

Exposed ceiling beams may be a not-so-new trend, but we’ve been getting more requests for this lately. It can open up a room and let in more natural light which is something a lot of our clients really value. Not only does it make a statement, it also gives an illusion of a larger space without taking up any square footage.

Light Wood

Light wood will be a trend material we will be seeing more of. Expect to see this not only for flooring but also in cabinets, wall treatments and ceilings.

Plaster Finish

Venetian plaster has been trending for a couple of years now. We expect to see more of this material to be used in statement walls, powder rooms and fireplace surrounds in 2021.


We usually see fluting in Greek-inspired architectural columns. Lately, we started noticing this particular design in kitchen islands, cabinetry, glass windows, and statement walls.

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